C4DI Launches in Hull

The C4DI Beta launched today at two events during the excellent Hull Business Week.  The afternoon event attracted 70 members of the local business community who chatted over cake and coffee, before listening to some excellent talks from David Keel (C4DI Chairman), Lee Strafford (co-founder and CEO of ISP PlusNet) and Jamie Coleman (Managing Director of TechCube Edinburgh).  The central theme running through each talk was that by innovating and harnessing technology, businesses could become more efficient, grow, and reach new markets.

In a report by Capgemini carried out over two years, they quantified the digital advantage. In a global survey of nearly 400 large companies, they found that the digirati are 26% more profitable, drive 9% more revenue from their physical assets, and earn 12% higher market valuations than their peers in the same industry. Some companies excel in investing in technologies such as social media and analytics. Other firms have strong capabilities to manage transformation. The digirati excel in both dimensions, and achieve better performance than their competitors.

The C4DI Beta exists as a world-class workspace for digital and technology companies and individuals. It is a perfect place to for a business to grow and develop.

The C4DI provides the catalysts, support, and infrastructure that small businesses can’t get elsewhere. Furthermore, larger businesses can use the C4DI to build small teams to drive their innovation.

Member Facilities

  • Unrivalled Connectivity
  • 35 desks
  • 2 x small project meeting rooms (4 seats)
  • 1 larger project space suitable for board meetings or presentations
  • Breakout relaxation area
  • Free tea and excellent coffee from HasBean
  • Presentation facilities
  • Printing (subject to a fair usage policy)

Membership is now open and you can reserve your space now.

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  • Christian Hilton

    Just seen the BBC news item for CD4I. This looks most auspicious – is it rolling out South of the River too? :)

    I would very much like to pursue the ‘AwesMauler Technology’ concept that I have devised, a three tier system of business for grass roots-to-industrial scale manufacturing – people collaborating, technology easing.

    If it sounds like what’s already going on, it’s likely because I’ve openly referenced it for over fifteen years & much of all present technology aspires to the ideal I describe.

  • http://www.theappleofmyi.com/blog Jon Moss

    Hi Christian, thanks for commenting. The C4DI is based in Hull, but membership is open to everyone and we already have south bank members.

    Sounds like you would enjoy being a member. We have loads more information on the website:


    Best wishes,

    Jon Moss